Both of our raid teams had a strong finish of the first two raids in Legion. We defeated mythic Xavius and freed the Emerald Dream from the nightmare; our "Wipes at 1%" team also killed mythic Guarm before Nighthold's release.

We are pressing our advantage in Suramar, and have brazenly infiltrated Suramar Palace and the Nighthold. We are looking for additional members to bolster our rebellion against Elisande's tyranny and the corrupting influence of Gul'dan and the Legion.

  • Our "Wipes at 1%" team (5/10 Mythic) is looking for one or two experienced ranged dps (especially moonkin, warlock, mage).
  • The "Death Viper Assassins" team (3/10 Mythic) is looking for a resto druid or MW monk; as well as a ranged dps (warlocks especially).

If you are looking for a strong progression-focused guild that promotes a good WoW/IRL balance, come and join us!

More details can be found on our recruitment page.


AshaGrejoy posted Feb 7, 17

Happy Chinese New Year! The Wipes at 1% raid team put on a display of fireworks and dragons, and we also had some cake!

Congrats to the Wipes at 1% raid team for their successes in Nighthold. More to come!

A Strong Finish

AshaGrejoy posted Jan 26, 17

Congrats to the DVA team for clearing mythic Emerald Nightmare!

Also, take your screenshots before looting the boss!