Stoic's two raid teams had many victories in the Nighthold. We stopped Gul'dans nefarious plot to summon Sargeras into Illidan's body, and have recovered all five of the Pillars of Creation. With these in hand, we are striking at the Legion's staging ground on Azeroth - the Tomb of Sargeras - in order to sever their connection to our world.

Have you the skill, courage, and heart to join us in our struggle? Join us to drive the Legion from the Broken Shore entirely!

  • The "Death Viper Assassins" team (6/9 mythic) is currently looking for a ranged dps (especially hunter or shadow priest), as well as a mistweaver monk or holy paladin.
  • The "Wipes at 1%" team (8/9 mythic) would consider exceptional recruits for Antorus.


If you are looking for a strong progression-focused guild that promotes a good WoW/IRL balance, come and join us!

More details can be found on our recruitment page.

A Blow to the Legion!

AshaGrejoy posted May 26, 17

Congrats to the Wipes at 1% raid team for foiling Gul'dan and Sargeras' plans in the Nighthold. We turn our eyes towards the Tomb, and the secrets and treasures that are hidden within.

Panda Gratz! *shaves* Yak and Conc

The Queen has fallen

AshaGrejoy posted May 5, 17

Only Gul'dan himself remains between the Wipes @ 1% team and ending the Legion's plots and plans for creating a avatar for Sargeras. With limited time, will our valiant heroes push back the Legion, or fall as did Varian.

Congrats to the Wipes @ 1% team for defeating all of Gul'dan and Elisande's lieutenants. With their forces in shambles, we look to the Nightspire...

Yakaroo o god, forgot you were all me on tich lol
Panda I miss you rainbow people.